Cindy is an expert in the field of missing person investigations and is certified as a general topics police instructor. She has been responsible for the development and delivery of missing person curriculum on a state-wide basis.

Cindy is an experienced road cyclist and has been involved with charity rides such as the 100-mile Capital District Ride for Missing Children and the 65-mile Brain Ride Project.  As a novice mountain bike rider, Cindy is proud to be a part of an organization that provides an opportunity for PTSD affected law enforcement, first responders and military veterans to experience the therapeutic benefits of mountain biking. 


Neely is a twenty-six year law enforcement officer. Although a beginner on the mountain bike, she is an experienced road cyclist that has participated in various cycling events over the years.  These events include, but are not limited to, the Police Unity Tour, which brings awareness of law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty, while raising funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and Museum, and she has provided assistance and support to the Wounded Warrior Ride on numerous occasions.  

Neely looks forward to bringing together her love of riding and peer support training in this environment to those first responders and military veterans that have been effected by PTSD.  

Scott neff


Laura Haugen - Website Manager

Scott currently works as a civilian law enforcement trainer and is involved with the development and delivery of training programs related to PTSD and law enforcement suicide prevention.

A long time cyclist, both off road (mountain bike) and road riding, Scott was responsible for the development and implementation of a bike patrol unit at a university police department in 1991 and remained involved in police bike patrol until he left service in 2000. He has conducted numerous bike patrol training courses, instructed maintenance/repair classes and skills instruction. Scott was a founding member of the Capital District Ride for Missing Children, where he also served as the lead shepherd and training ride coordinator.

Scott competed in the US Law Enforcement Mountain Bike Championship in 1997-1998, winning three medals, gold and silver in the urban obstacle course and silver in the dual slalom.Through Scott’s work with PTSD and law enforcement and suicide prevention, he learned that cycling is a great way to use physical exercise to combat the effects of PTSD. This knowledge, combined with his love of mountain biking, lead to the concept of Ride It Out utilizing mountain bike riding, maintenance and repair as an alternative therapy for PSTD and suicide prevention.  The associations and friendships developed through Ride It Out will also serve as an informal peer support network for staff and participants.